Square dance – Limited Edition only 30 pieces

  • Ships within 8 days.

kr. 4.800,00

  • Limited Edition only 30 pieces
  • Numbered and signed by Martin Herodt
  • Printed on Italian cotton canvas
  • Canvas size: 90 x 120cm
  • International shipments are shipped unframed from Denmark
Showroom voodoo

modern abstract square dance

This modern abstract painting in dark yellow and navy blue colors depicts a square dance in splatter paint, complete with shadows. The painting is a bold and dynamic representation of movement and rhythm, as if the dancers are caught in a lively and energetic dance.

The use of splatter paint gives the painting an energetic and playful quality. The splatter paint overlaps and blends, creating interesting patterns and textures. The dark yellow color represents the energy and excitement of the dance, while the navy blue color gives a sense of stability and balance.

The introduction of shadows adds another dimension of depth and complexity to the painting. The shadows give the dancers a sense of weight and grounding, as if they are firmly planted on the ground. The shadows also add an element of mystery and excitement, as they create a sense of depth and three-dimensionality that attracts the viewer.

The technique used to create the painting is a combination of specially developed tools and controlled paint throws. The splatter paint creates the contours of the dancers and gives them a sense of movement, while the sprays add texture and interest to the painting. The use of both techniques creates a sense of controlled chaos that reflects the energy and excitement of the dance.

Overall, this modern abstract painting in dark yellow and navy blue colors captures the essence of a square dance in splatter paint. The use of splatter, shadows, and dynamic flat design creates a lively and engaging artwork that is filled with movement and energy. The painting is a testament to the artist's creativity and skills and is sure to capture and inspire anyone who sees it.



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