DANISH ARTist martin herodt

Martin Herodt is a modern abstract Danish artist. His art is "made by hand" on canvas in a special form of 3D technique. 

The unique works contain countless color combinations and advanced details, and the original paintings are built with shadows and a "layer on layer" technique that changes and sets the motif in constant motion. 

The works are created with homemade art tools, carefully selected and mixed colors that, together with Martin's sense and experience in design, create the perfect composition in the motifs.

Martin works with a fluid creativity that creates authentic design that is brought to life in a new and powerful way. Inspiration comes from many years of travel experiences, local cultures, education, and work. The ideas arise from the pictures he takes with his iPhone, sketches, drawings, and screenshots that are collected in a folder in the Cloud, which together starts a new work.

Limited edition paintings, canvas prints, and art prints are sold in limited quantities, all of high quality.

When ordering limited edition, only the best materials are used. Italian cotton canvas and high-quality frames made of Nordic pine.

If you are interested in something completely unique and new from me, you can always contact martin@herodt.com

Galleri i City2 - cdo, art street

Right now, you have the opportunity to experience my abstract and modern art at the gallery “City2 - CDO - Art street” 

Experience my unique motifs with handcrafted frames made of both Nordic oak and pine.

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